About Chai Buds

Chai Buds is a little market stall selling delicious homemade, organic chai tea and wholesome cakes- gluten, dairy and sugar free.

We’ve just perfected our blend-  the Traditional spicy chai blend and the Rooibos chai blend- and these are now available for sale too.

Chai Buds has a strong underpinning philosophy. We encourage people to take 5 minutes out of their day (or much longer) to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with friends and strangers and to become aware and acknowledge the beauty in the world around us. Chai Buds aims to raise awareness about environmental and social justice issues, including sustainability, food production, recycling, health and wellbeing and human rights. 

Many chai tents are aligned with cultural and environmental movements and Chai Buds is the same. Chai Buds is a space for all people to come together, creating a place for music, dance and lots of fun! 

Keep your eyes peeled for where I’ll be next!  

Much love to you all! xoxooxoxoxox  

Chai Buds. 

About Garden Grub

Garden Grub is the name of the wholesome organic cake side of the business, where she sometimes ventures out on her own without her Chai Buddy to the markets. 

Garden Grub uses only organic seasonal produce and loves using all types of fruit and veg to showcase how to turn these earthly delights into delicious treats. GG promotes health and wellbeing, sustainable agricultural practices and meets the needs of special diets, food intolerances and allergies by making only gluten, dairy and sugar free cakes.

By using only wholesome wholefood ingredients, Garden Grub goodies are for everyone to enjoy!