Garden Grub Cafe... 99 Isabella Street, Wingham

Opening it's doors on 16th October 2013, Garden Grub is a new cafe in Wingham NSW that serves wholesome organic food. The foundation of the cafe is built on supporting and promoting sustainable agricultural practices and envisions growing their own food along side their community. As the vision of the business relies on sunlight and rain to grow, it is a long term slow process that we hope people appreciate, and offers the time to stop and smell our flowers.. when they blossom!

Garden Grub is the home of where this all started... CHAI BUDS baby.. Served in a delicious tea pot or made into a latte style.. with locally harvested honey.. we also have our lil' bundles here too..

Serving delicious organic Australian grown coffee, with organic milks too... try our homemade almond milk!!