We'll be raising awareness about how our plastic consumption and disposable lifestyle impacts on marine creatures and the health of our oceans. Showcasing how individuals AND a small business can reduce their impact and create a positive change! 

We'll be donating 50 cents of ecah sale item to Positive Change for Marine Life- and we'd LOVE your support too. 

As a small business, we love to showcase how we can play our part in reducing our impact on the earth. Obviously there are some factors that I'm not thrilled about, and am working on, but in others I think we make a real consciouss effort.                                  

                                                                                 LOVE MARINE CREATURES HERE AT CHAI BUDS HQ

Click on the Link- to get behind the campaign monetarily, or make your opwn pledge to reduce the amount of plastic in your life- for all the marine life and the future of our oceans.   xxxx

Back to Nobbys again! 16th June

We'll be back at Nobbys lighthouse 16th June, for the last time before we take a winter break.

James Bennett from Port Macquarie will be back to play for us again, who last time drew a record crowd. Starting from 10am-2, grounds are open till 4pm.

Back to Nobbys 17th March from 12pm-6pm

We're back to Nobbys in a couple of weekends with delicious food for you!! With a later start as there is restricted access in the morning with the triathlon taking place on the breakwall.

Come hike on up and enjoy beautiful views, soulful music and food full of goodness!!

Chris Tejcek from Port Macquarie will be playing for us from 1pm, with gates open until 6pm.

A lil' Story about the Big Grub...

I've never thought of myself as a business person. I remember saying "..who would want to run a business?" Always thinking it was all about making money, I had never thought that it actually meant that you could do something that you really enjoy, work for yourself and change the world.. well hopefully!

After galavanting around a little aimlessly for a year and half after finishing a community development degree, I thought I would give it a go.. so I just started with what I had, with no idea about how to run a business, Oh! The terminology (debtors, liabilities, profit...still not sure what that one is!!) And I'm still plodding along nearly a year and a half later, as I am combine my passion, as well as my studies in the areas of community development and Permaculture. Promoting growing your own food and sourcing local produce, as well as treading lightly on our beautiful planet is the foundation on which the business is built. 

I run off a passion and love for the environment, wholesome food, organic principles and a vision of bringing people together in a fun, happy healthy environment- now and into the future. I love to meet new people and share my time with like-minded souls, and I get so much pleasure out of making others happy.  Universally, food and a good cuppa bring people together- and that's what we're aiming to achieve.

Thanks to everyone for their support so far! And into the future.

Much love, Sheree  xoxoxooxox

Story in the Newcastle Herald

Nobbys Lighthouse Magic

We had a really special day at Nobbys Lighthouse in Newcastle on Sunday 17th February.

A record number of 982 people made their way up to to the historical site on the day and enjoyed beautiful music by James Bennett and our yummy food!

We were super excited to share this day with everyone, at such a beautiful site... we'll be back so keep posted!!

For us it's all about sharing our pasion for life- an appreciation and an awareness for all living things and our beautiful environment, the importance of sustainable agriculture and organic wholesome food and bringing people together to celebrate these things.. so thanks for coming!!

Moving in to Nobbys Lighthouse- Newcastle 17th Feb

The lighthouse at Nobbys Beach has recently been opening to the public on Sundays, with a different food stall moving in each week. 

February 17th will see us taking over- from 10am - 4pm, with live music by James Bennett from Port Macquarie too!! He'll be playing from 1030am-230pm. 

We'll have chai, cakes, veg burgers and salads, for people to enjoy after their hike up.

Would love to have everyone there!! xoxoxoxo Check out Link  for more info.

Down the Newcastle Mall

Chai Buddy Garden Grubby has been venturing down the Mall on Thursdays, having last week off to prepare for the Saltwater Festival, we'll be back down this week- Jan 31st. Adding to the menu will be Homemade Vege Burgers all organic!! Made with homemade tomato sauce, and caramelised onions.. with delicious organic sourdough bread.. YUMMMMMmmmm!!! Come have some lunch, chai and treats!! xoxox

Back to Olive Tree Market- February 2nd 2013

Garden Grub will be back at Olive Tree in 2013, kicking off this Sat- Feb 2nd.

Olive Tree is the biggest market for the Grubs, making a very wide selection of wholesome goodies.. have a look at below at previous posts for the menu choice..

This market we'll have the usual super delicious Garden goodies- made from locally sourced seasonal fruit and veg- whipped up into wholesome Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free, plus the Chai Buddy Organic Tea for sale in little bundles.

We're so looking forward to being back here!! Thanks for all your support Olive Tree shoppers!! See you in a few days! xoxoxoxo

This Market we'll have:

*Apple, Rhubarb, Apricot and Mango Crumbles

*Lemon Myrtle Citrus Tarts

*Chocolate Tarts

*Raspberry and Blueberry Cheesecakes

*Beetroot, hazelnut and Cacao Cake

*Pumpkin and Pecan Pies

*Choc Hazelnut Brownies

                                                                                 *Bliss Balls

                                                                                 ........And Many more!!

Chai Buddy Garden Grubby at Saltwater Freshwater Festival- Taree 2013

There was no where else I'd have rather been to celebrate the 26th January.

This year, the Saltwater Freshwater Festival was held in Taree, after last year being devastated by rains and flooding.. luckily we were able to squish it in this year just before it has all happened again!

The Saltwater Freshwater Festival is a celebration of Indigenous culture on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Bringing Koori People and the whitefellas together on a day that has created division in the past, for a day filled with music, dance, cultural exchange and workshops.

Dancing in the rain and muddy feet didn't dampen spirits, but kept a few people away. I highly recommend this festival as a great way to celebrate and unify Australia. Next year will be Kempsey's turn. Hopefully see you there!! Check out Saltwater Freshwater Festival Website Here- Link . 

Chai Buddy's Community Vs. Garden Grubby's Environmentalism

I've always been really torn as to whether to delve into community or environmental work, so why not try to combine the two? 

Chai Buds is all about community- bringing people together over a cuppa- inspired by the book- 'Three Cups of Tea'- there is a strong philosophy of community building shared over a cuppa- where friendships can blossom- making good old buddy-o's over an organic cup- all absolutely natural from our beautiful earth. 

UNFORTUNATLEY...Chai Buds imports most of it's ingredients, which is a huge conflict of interest! But... anyway.. I try and balance that out with..

Garden Grub! Who is an avid environmentalist- supporting sustainable agricultural practices by buying local- supporting local farmers and the local economy, using organic ingredients- and only using non organic produce from friendly local farmers where their methods of farming are transparent and reliable. Featuring this local, seasonal organic fruit and veg in all the cakes can inspire others to think about what foods they eat, where they source their food from, and hopefully encourage others to grow their own. It is one of the greatest acts of independence that we can do! 

A summer of market going madness!! 

Dear Chai Buddies and Garden Grubbies,

It's going to be a very exciting summer for us as we're travelling around sharing all our goodies.

We've just finished up at The Olive Tree Market for the year at The Junction in Newcastle, and with such an overwhelming reponse, I'm going to head down to the Hunter Street Mall markets on Thursdays to share some more wholesome goodies! 

This coming Thursday 20th will be our first stall, with the market then taking a break over the silly season. I'll be starting back here on the 10th of January. So all you Newcastle mob come visit and support artisan, wholesome, sustainable agricultural cakes!! And I'll bring some chai too! 

All you more local fans of Chai Buds and Garden Grub can find me at Pacific Palms Markets on Sunday 30th December, and Sunday 6th and 27th of January. This is my home market and I am so very fond of all the support they have given me starting out.. blossoming just like my beloved plants now!!

And I'm even travelling to Sydney on the 23rd of December.. that's this coming weekend to the Frenchs Forest Market. I'll also be here in January- on the 13th and 20th.

Busy, busy!!

Don't forget that you can also contact me at anytime for some chai or cakes..

Happy holidays everyone.. thanks so much for the love! xoxoxoxoxoox

Star Anise Folklore, Magic and Healthfulness  

Star Anise is a powerful spiritual herb that helps you to experience your connection to divine energy and to trust that you are loved. Star Anise enhances your ability to trust responsibly - not withholding earned trust and not giving away trust to the unworthy.

Star Anise helps you to sense spirit's gift of eternal grace. Trusting that what you are experiencing will serve a greater purpose helps you to remember that you are never alone. In fact, we're all in a state of grace so long as what we do reflects our spirit wisdom. You just can't go wrong following spirit guidance.

Star anise also helps you build inner strength so you can more easily define who you are and want to become

Star anise is used to calm and lull you into sleep, adding sweet dreams and psychic visions to your slumber. Star anise is also reported to turn back your beauty clock and to bring you success.

It is said that the star anise is carried whole for luck and it is burnt for clairvoyance and to increase psychic awareness. You can place the Star anise whole under your pillow at night to keep bad dreams away and also to dream of someone far away. It is a great herb to be used on the new moon for any rites, because of it's dark color and  it also chases away evil spirits when it is with you.

Health Information

Star anise effectively relieves nausea, bronchitis and cough, and increases appetite after sickness. Remember that when you use herbs as natural medicine, more is not better.

The Chinese often chew anise after a meal, both to help digest their food and sweeten their breath.

Natural medicine theory is similar to drinking the 'hair of the dog that bit you' first thing in the morning to relieve a hangover, or receiving allergy shot serum filled with minute doses of the allergens that would normally cause you trouble.

Anise seeds are a very good source of iron and manganese. Anise seeds are a good source of calcium, copper, dietary fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C, and zinc.

A day out at Olive Tree Market- The Junction, Newcastle

After hearing all about The Olive Tree Market in The Junction, Newcastle I knew that I would have to go down and have a look! Held in the grounds of the beautiful Junction Public School  on the first Saturday of the month, from 9am-3pm- the market is full of very talented crafty bunch.. and lots of yummy food, live music and plenty of fun for the kids (of all ages). 

I took down a modified stall- 'Garden Grub Wholesome Cakes’ with Chai Buds’ bundles of chai for sale and lots of wholesome cakes- Chai spiced Pear cake, Choc Hazelnut Brownie, Bliss Balls, Citrus Tart, Pumpkin and Pecan Pie, Apple and Rhubarb Crumble, Banana and Date Cake, Raw Beetroot and Cacao Cake and Raw Passionfruit and Mango Cheesecake.

I had really great feedback and all the markets go-ers were extremely lovely and supportive! I sold out by 12:30.. so next market I will have to bring more!! Please have a look at the cakes and ingredients used for the cakes made for the Olive Tree Market. There was some interest in this, so I thought I would share it with everyone!

Thanks for a lovely day out Olive Tree! See you on the 4th of August. x

* Garden Grub identifies 10 points of difference *

How to make your own bliss balls

Bliss Balls have been a big hit at the last couple of markets- easy to eat balls of bliss- packed full of goodies, they’re so healthy for you!

You can pretty much put whatever you like in bliss balls, but here is a general guide of what to use:

Crushed nuts (you can use a blender) - Pecans, macadamias, hazelnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts... whatever you like!

Dried Fruit (soaked in warm water)- (Dates, sultanas, dried apricots...)

Cacao powder (raw cocoa)

 Crushed seeds- (Pepitas, sunflower, sesame)


   Desiccated coconut


1. Soak the dried fruit for 15 minutes or so, so its easy to work with

2. Blend up the nuts and seeds till they are quite fine- meal consistency

3. In a bowl add all ingredients and with your hands mix it all through. You will just have to add enough of each ingredient to taste, and for the right consistency. You can add the water from your soaked fruit if it’s too dry, add more nuts/coconut/cacao if it’s too wet.. sorry I never measure anything!

4. Roll the mix into golf ball size, and role in extra coconut

5. Eat them, share them

    What Chai Buds is all about…


Why I use organic ingredients?

We use organic ingredients to make our chai because organic produce is much better for us and for the earth! Food that is not grown in an organic environment is often riddled with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers that are dangerous not only for human health, but also for our little micro organism buddies that live in the soil and help our food grow, for the plants themselves and for the larger web of life- when these nasty bits are washed into our river systems, drinking water and into the beautiful air that we breathe. It doesn’t need to be certified organic to be deliciously good for us all, but pesticide and all the other bits free! We can do this ourselves too! By planting out a small little vegie patch in our backyards (or in your mum’s) we can grow our own food. This is the most sustainable form of food production ever! We don’t have to rely on big nasty corporations to fill our bellies! And it is so much fun and so rewarding when you get your first incredible food. Locally or regionally grown food is just as good too! We need to support our little farming buddies to continue to grow this food into the future.

Why I don’t use takeaway cups

I want you to sit down and enjoy my beautiful chai! I want you to sprawl out on the rugs and take some time out of your day to appreciate the world around you. Share a cup with a friend or stranger. Meet new people. In many cultures, sharing a cup of chai is the first step in a new beautiful friendship… 

Also…I am a bit of an environmentalist. I love nature and all living things! So this also means I like to re-use things, including cups! I love recycling, using second hand bits and pieces. I acquired all my mugs from opportunity shops, garage sales, or friends that had extra lying around. So… there is an argument about using biodegradable cups as opposed to mugs-, which may lead to the use of chemicals and high water, time and energy consumption. Well.. I’m not that busy! And if we are careful with what we wash up with, then our little fishy friends and all sea creatures will love us more!

Why I make healthy cakes

Food is so important. Food is to nourish and keep us healthy and strong. There are so many people today who care about what they put into their bodies, or those who want to get on the right track, many have food intolerances, illness, or strong beliefs regarding the food that they eat, which makes it all a little bit harder to treat yourself now and again.. Well! My cakes are good for you!  Many of the ingredients I use are organic too, and some are locally grown!!! I even used a couple of my own lemons! I want eating the best food ever to be the best thing in the world! Well.. up there with lots of other things I care about.. but if we’re healthy, we’re happy!